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Evelyne Hébrard serves YWAM Quebec in administration from Montreal.

She debuted with YWAM in Dunham in 1988, and has served 11 years in the secretariat and with the FJ; thereafter, she has been involved for 11 years in various other functions with YWAM Montreal. She is responsible for the YWAM-Quebec office and sits on the Board of the Corporation.
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René Laframboise is working with YWAM since 1975 and was director of the Dunham center from 1980 to 1999. He is now based in Granby where he lives with his wife, Christiane. He served as president of the Corporation from 1980 until March 2016. He  continues to serve within YWAM as a mentor and counselor. René is a recognized psychologist and has a part time counseling ministry. He also teaches occasionally at different YWAM schools on the topic of the Father Heart of God.

In 2007, he published his first book, Adopté par le Père pour devenir adulte (Adopted by the Father to become adult). In 2010 he published a 2nd book: Hommes-femmes: égaux mais différents. These books, written in French, are available at different christian bookstores in Quebec and in the French speaking world. They can be downloaded in PDF at

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